We spent months perfecting our camera designs and are now sharing them with the world for free! You can 3D print them yourself, and even customize them if you wish.

360 2D Camera Model Purple Pill VR


This 7 GoPro design can be used to shoot high-quality 360º 2D video content and offers room for cables.

360 Stereoscopic 3D Camera Model Purple Pill VR

360º stereoscopic 3D

Our full-scale 360º stereoscopic 3D camera mount, including room for cables, cooling, and 16 GoPros.

Google Jump

Google Jump

As soon as it’s ready, we’ll upload our customized Google Jump rig here for you to enjoy.

Download our models + parts list for free, 3D print the camera mount, and you’re ready to start filming your own 360º video content!

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