Google Jump Camera Design: An In-Depth Look

During the Google I/O conference at the end of May, Google announced Jump; a revolutionary step in the world of 360 3D content!

The idea has three parts:

  1. Camera: an open-source 360 3D camera design using 16 synchronized GoPro HERO4 action cams
  2. Assembler: computer vision algorithms running on powerful Google servers which seamlessly stitch the 16 images and compute the 3D effect
  3. YouTube: yes, YouTube already existed, but will be fully integrated with Jump technology for easy playback and distribution of content

The power of Jump lies in the fact that it gives creators around the world access to top-of-the-line VR camera technology. No more tinkering with custom-built rigs and hours of painstaking manual video stitching. Jump is a dream come true!

However, the camera design is not yet available.. Let’s see what we can learn from analyzing the images and videos that have been released so far. … 


How Virtual Reality Will Impact the Economy and Every Industry in it

In 1831, the brilliant Michael Faraday discovered Electromagnetic Induction, which is the principle on which every single electric motor in the world is based. It’s also how your electric toothbrush charges itself.

During his time, Faraday gave dozens of lectures on the wonders of electricity, induction and magnetism. However, while his audience was often amazed by his demonstrations, they regularly asked: “Fascinating, but what’s the use of all this?… 


VR Video Distribution Landscape [Infographic]

We all know the VR market is still in its early days, and this gives an incredibly interesting view of the emergence of new distribution methods for this medium. Numerous “Netflix of VR” platforms are currently competing head to head, but maybe a different model altogether will win out in the end? Only time will tell. However, in the meantime it is easy for 360º video producers to lose track of what their options are when it comes to distributing their content. That’s why we created this article and the complementary infographic to shed some light on this situation. … 


The Birth of a Virtual Reality Camera Rig

When we first got seriously interested in virtual reality several months ago, we noticed that there was hardly any video content available. Now we know why; because filming in VR is very, very complicated!

The main problem is that there are no off-the-shelve camera rigs available that film on all sides at the same time in stereoscopic 3D. Sure, there are 360 camera rigs for sale, but as I discussed in a previous article, most of these cameras offer appallingly low resolution, significant fish-eye effects, and flat 2D images with no depth in them. … 


The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4k 360 3D VR Videos + FREE Encoding Tool

One of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks we encountered during our first 360 3D video productions was finding the optimal encoding settings for each of the currently available VR headsets. Each platform supports different resolutions, frame rates, codecs, and bitrates. This article explains the settings we started with, what we learned from analyzing some of the legends in the field (like Chris Milk and Felix & Paul), and finally we’ll share a simple yet powerful free tool we built to help you encode your VR video content with the best possible settings. Let’s go!

resolution-for-4k-360-3d-vr-videos/#more-1349″ class=”more-link”>… 


Get Access to the Closed Beta of Our VR AppFactory

You have shot some amazing 360º video content, but how will you distribute it to your audience and the different VR headsets? Of course you can upload it to YouTube, VRideo, or even Facebook, which all support 360º video, but traditional video platforms are not always the best option.

Sometimes you want a branded application that supports all of the pro features that make VR even more compelling than just plain 360º video, like support for stereoscopic 3D and spatial audio. But if you are a filmmaker, building apps is probably not your specialty. That’s why we are developing AppFactory, a place where you can easily upload your hi-res videos, artwork and logos, and let us turn them into a branded, multi-platform video application in no-time! … 


Virtual Reality in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the infamous city situated in the beautiful little country of The Netherlands, has always been a hotbed for innovation. I recently read the aptly titled book “Amsterdam” by Russell Shorto, which contains a rich description of the city’s rebellious and liberal past, with references to the radical Dutch philosopher Spinoza, who laid the groundwork for the Enlightenment, and Amsterdam’s controversial drug policy to name just a few examples. … 


PSV Eindhoven in 360 3D

This weekend the Dutch soccer team PSV won the Eredivisie championship duel and we were there to capture this powerful moment in VR!

Three days before the championship match between PSV and SC Heerenveen we received a call with the request to film the ceremony in 360 3D. Obviously we jumped on this exciting project! …