Purple Pill is an immersive content agency based in Amsterdam.
We produce 360 3D films from the very first concept up to and including
the distribution to the various VR headsets. Although we have a strong focus on Cinematic VR, we also work on complex immersive 3D, web and
VR/AR applications.

By combining the creative and technical skills of our team we always deliver edgy, high-quality immersive content. We started filming and distributing 360º 3D content long before there was any real information available on how to do this. By building our own camera from scratch and figuring out a dedicated workflow, we developed a deep understanding of how the medium works and what technical issues occur in the making, processing and distribution of immersive content.

We openly share our knowledge through our blogs and online video course to push the VR community forward.

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Getting your tech right is only one side of the equation. In the end, it all evolves around a good story. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a marketing campaign, an ad or an art project, scripting and story development is an essential part of creating high quality content. We take deep pride in getting the story just right, and we are not just saying this; we actually script, fund and produce our own content to push ourselves and the medium forward.

For our team of writers, designers, developers, creatives and producers no idea is too big and no technical challenge too hard.

Script Development
Story Boarding


Shooting Cinematic VR is not easy and you really have to get your hands dirty to get the hang of this new medium. We are accustomed  to work with different camera  types, ranging from the Nokia OZO and  Jaunt ONE, to custom multi-camera setups.

By always picking the right hardware and software for the job, we can guarantee that all of our footage maintains the highest quality standards. We even open-sourced some of our hard- and software for third party developers. Now thousands of content creators and developers are using our tools on a daily basis.


HQ 3D stereo capture
Ambisonic audio
VR green screen studio


We have produced over 25 VR productions over the past few years and built up a high-end VR post-production pipeline which ensures that all of our footage maintains the highest quality standards throughout the entire process. 


Dedicated VR pipeline


Great content needs great distribution. At Purple Pill we create immersive apps for A-level clients, and have even developed a powerful platform to serve as the backend of our apps.

Whether you are looking for a reliable way to distribute 360º video content in a branded package, or you want to create a unique interactive experience, we can help you out!


Game Engine Development
All available headsets


By working with us you also get access to Headjack, our in-house developed app creation and content management platform. This will ensure you can always view the latest version of your production while still in post, and it offers you the possibility to easily distribute and manage your content after finishing the production.

Learn more about headjack